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Charlie O's Plumbing


About Us


Charlie O's Plumbing is dedicated to delivering the best possible service and experience to all of our customers. We are a family owned and operated business, and are fully licensed and bonded.  With over 20 years of experience, we know a thing or two about plumbing, from the smallest of jobs to a challenging one, Charlie O's has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the 1st time. We love our family and value every moment with them, and we know our customers value that too, which is why we want to take your worrisome plumbing problem away, leaving you with more time to spend with  the ones you love.

Our Story

Well, it all began around the dinner table one evening. Charlie O, himself was talking about one of his many plumbing expeditions, when we all came up with a brilliant plan to start this business. You will soon learn that Charlie is passionate about plumbing, if he's not plumbing, he's dreaming about plumbing. Charlie is one of the most friendly guys you will ever meet and there is never a cloud in the sky for that guy! He has been called Mr. friendly by many and loved by all who meet him. There's no doubting that he loves life, and that he puts 100% in to all he does, except for that darn Honey Do list!


 Isaiah, wears many hats in this business and outside, from marketing guru, grill master, son, cool Dad, entrepreneur, frisbee golf enthusiast and salesman,  he's pretty much a jack of all trades. He use to be a math teacher but left the excitement of teaching to sell stuff and things. The guy could sell ice to an eskimo. He has always dreamt of owning his own company, leaving him more time to spend with his daughter and pursue his passion for Dragon Ball Z  conventions and Pokemon trading card conferences.  He's a proud dad to Ava and his beloved dachshund, Wrigley Sparkles. Some would say he's the brains of this operation, but that would be a lie....

Because we all know that behind every good man is an extraordinary woman, and that's where I come in. Hi,  I am Mrs. Charlie O. And since I have no one to roast me, and boast about how amazing I am, I guess I will. I've sat through many a tale or two of Charlies' plumbing adventures. I would say Charlie, is the sweat and blood of the operation, but I'm right there beside him cheering him on! Some might say I'm the one around here who calls the shots, from ordering parts, Photographer, landscaper, being Isaiah's Mom, web designer,  book keeping, taking calls, dispatching and more! I am also a very proud Grandma to our 11 year old grand daughter, Ava! Chances are if you call, you will hear my voice 1st!

A face to the name

Ava - Math Wizard and animal lover

Rambo - Small but brave

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